Mammoth Rise Essential 1000 Pocket Mattress - Medium

Mammoth Rise Essential 1000 Pocket Mattress - Medium

Sealy Hybrid Esprit Mattress

Sealy Hybrid Esprit Mattress

Mammoth Rise Advanced 1200 Pocket Mattress - Medium

Mammoth Rise Advanced 1200 Pocket Mattress - Medium

Mammoth Rise Essential 1000 Pocket Mattress - Medium

As low as £399.00
Mammoth Rise Essential

Rise Essential: A medium bouncy feel.

For those that love the bounce of traditional pocket springs, whilst still wanting the very best that contemporary sleep and comfort technologies have to offer at a really affordable price.

Product summary

– Medium feeling mattress

– 35mm Medical Grade™ Foam

– PostureCell® technology

– 3 comfort zones

– 1000 Pocket Springs

– Vacuum packed and rolled for easy delivery

The Rise Essential contains Mammoth’s naturally cooling Medical Grade™ Foam and supportive PostureCell® technology layered on top of 1000 full-size pocket springs. It’s really comfortable, cooling, hypoallergenic, and arrives vacuum rolled in a box – so it’s really convenient to transport and install.


For those who choose wellness and appreciate the physical (and mental) benefits of a perfect night’s sleep; Mammoth are here to help. 

Mammoth’s modern mattresses combine existing tried and tested traditional materials, with advanced sleep and support technologies once reserved for the healthcare industry, to deliver comfort and rejuvenation like no other.

Originally designed to improve the performance and wellbeing of Olympians and elite athletes, today Mammoth are here to give everyone the opportunity to be the best version of themselves, by waking up on the right side of the bed every morning.

What is Medical Grade Foam?

Mammoth’s own innovation derived from healthcare, highly supportive and scientifically shown to improve sleep.

This comfort technology is renowned for its pressure relieving qualities and amazing feel. Not too hard, not too soft, just right.


A blend of modern comfort with traditional pocket springs

The luxurious Mammoth Pocket mattresses are for those who enjoy the bounce, responsiveness, and support that traditional pocket springs are championed for.

However, these pocket mattresses are combined with a generous layer of Mammoth’s pressure relieving Medical Grade™ Foam for the customer who enjoys the best of everything. The Traditional Pocket Hybrid collection gives sleepers the confidence to sleep through the night in unrivalled comfort.

Mammoth know the decisions you make determine your wellbeing – so you want to know you’ve made the right ones. We understand that in a world of increasingly confusing choices it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Which is why we make sure you can be confident you’ve made the right choice, because we believe a great night’s sleep is not something to be left to chance.

Designed by leading sleep experts and endorsed by health professionals, Mammoth helps you recover from today and prepares you for tomorrow like no other mattress.

Sleep safe in the knowledge that you are supported by a mattress originally for those elite athletes who need to perform at their absolute best, by waking up on the right side of the bed every morning.

Finding the right Mammoth collection to suit you.

By choosing Mammoth, you’re already on your way to sleeping better than ever before.

We want to create mattresses for anyone who is focused on their health and wellbeing. Everyone is different, so we can’t possibly create one mattress that fits all. While a mattress or range might feel right for you – your neighbour, friend or colleague might be looking for something a little bit different. So, to make sure that we are providing people with the choices they need, we have created two different ranges.

Each range builds on the last, increasing the amount of our technologies that are included – each range benefitting from more of our Medical Grade™ Foam, more of our PostureCells® or additional extras like ergonomic handles and lofted covers.

We’ve done this because some people like more, while others prefer less. There’s no right or wrong – it’s personal and we’re for everyone.


Our RISE range contains our leading Medical Grade Foam and PostureCell technologies in generous amounts for those looking for something more, delivering improved health and wellbeing and remaining affordable.



Our SHINE range packs in as much of our leading Medical Grade Foam and PostureCell sleep technologies as possible. We’ve thrown in a few additional extras for those who believe you can’t get too much of a good thing.

More Information
Warranty10 Year Warranty
Mattress Spring Count1000
Mattress Carry HandlesNo
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