Getting Down to the Nitty-Gritty of Salus Beds

Purchasing a Salus bed means adding a touch of luxury to your bedroom. Salus is a name known for its quality and sophistication. From Salus mattress, divan bases, headboards, down to the accessories, every product with the brand's seal exudes elegance. So if you are looking to beautify your room and make your sleep better, you can’t go wrong with Salus beds. The brand’s amazing mattress collections are products of meticulous production and attention to detail.


Pocket Springs


The springs in Salus mattresses are placed individually, so they work independently from each other. This design distributes weight evenly, reduces pressure points, and promotes correct postural alignment. This way, it      feels more supported while lying down.


Breasley ProGuard®

To have a good night's sleep, you need more than just a firm and bouncy mattress. It also has to be fresh and hypoallergenic. By treating Salus mattresses with Breasley ProGuard®, the company promises a more comfortable, safe and hygienic sleep. It prevents the build-up of dust and fights bacteria in the mattress so you won't have allergic reactions.


Adaptive technology

Salus mattresses can regulate body temperature. Adaptive technology is incorporated by using a 4-way quilted cover that has the capability to wick away moisture. Humidity is reduced, thus creating a cooling effect. This is a good brand to consider if you are a hot sleeper.  


Handcrafted headboards

Salus offers stylish headboards that are available in 16 colours and various designs to choose from. All of them are carefully crafted by hand to ensure quality and durability.


Functional divans

Their divans are also available in 16 colours to match their headboard designs. All consist of durable platform tops for added support for the mattress. Depending on your preference, your Salus divan can be equipped with drawers.