How to find the right sofa

Moving into your new home is an exciting time. But during the process, you can easily become overwhelmed with all the decisions that you have to make. It is likely that you will have to buy new furniture for each room within your home as well as make a decision as to whether or not you will keep your old possessions. Each item you buy is an investment in itself and can quickly become too much to handle. It is completely normal to feel this way, as many new homeowners do when first moving in.

One of the biggest investments you will make in terms of furniture is your sofa. Choosing the right sofa for your home is an extremely important decision and when made correctly can save you time, money and hassle. Throughout the year, there are a number of sofa deals and sofa sales throughout the market, which can make it difficult to know which sofa to go for. Here are some tips that you can use to pick the perfect sofa for your home.

1. Try Before You Buy

Although it’s much easier to find a great looking sofa online, we cannot express the importance of trying out a sofa before you choose to buy it. This will allow you to check the material of the sofa, as well as check its overall length and depth. Statistically, the average sofa depth is around 60cm, but will depend on the brand and the design. As a result, trying the sofa will ensure that the depth is comfortable, whilst not being over or underwhelming.  

Much like sofa depth, sofa heights can range between 40cm to 50cm. By trying out your new sofa the first time, you can make sure that the sofa you buy is the perfect height for you and your partner. Remember, there are no right or wrong measurements, only the ones that best suit you!

2. Keep Your Budget in Mind

Make sure that when you’re searching for the ideal sofa you keep your budget in mind. Throughout the year you will see a number of sofa sales and therefore there will always be an opportunity to find a sofa that you love on discount. Make sure to budget efficiently for your sofa, as this will be one of the most significant furniture investments you will make. Additionally, you also have the option to buy a sofa on finance, which will allow you to make affordable installments should you not be able to afford an upfront price.

3. Check the Quality of The Cushions

Your cushions should be a big consideration when it comes to choosing your sofa. The cushions themselves should be both firm and resilient, whilst also fitting within the frame of your sofa. At the same time, they should always regain their shape after they have been pressed on. If you find that the cushions stay the same shape when pressed upon, they will soon become flat, making them uncomfortable and unsightly. This will begin to change the shape of your sofa which will impact its overall aesthetic. As a result, it is important to look for high-quality cushions when searching for your first sofa!

Good luck shopping, we hope these tips help you choose the perfect sofa for your new home!